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Ved Mantras being chanted by school children
at the Buckingham Palace, ending with the last Mantra of the 10,000 verses of the Rig Veda: 
Samāni vā ākutih, samānā hridayāni vāh.
Samānam astu vo mano, yātah vāh susahāsati.
“United be your resolve, united be your hearts, may your spirits be as one, that you may long together dwell in unity and accord!”


An Educational Documentary Series - on Youtube channel


Narrated by Professor Balagangadhara,

Director of the India Platform and 

Director of the Research center (Comparative Science of Cultures)

Ghent University, Belgium

University campuses across America, Europe (and India) have become hotbeds of evangelical activity. Foreign students from India (Hindus, Jains, Sikh) are befriended, financially supported, and mentored by evangelical missionary volunteers -- for the sole purpose of converting them. A case of an Indian student who committed suicide when he realized that he has to convert to Christianity if he cannot pay back the money that his friendly (missionary) mentor had loaned him. These students have no idea of what these missionaries want, and why they befriend Hindu, Jain, Sikh students. They dont know anything about evangelical Christianity; and they can not defend their own faith from the spurious comparisons presented by the college age missionaries. Prof Balagangadhara made this documentary video giving an elementary information about evangelical missionary beliefs about one ''True'' God, and all other (Hindu, Jain Sikh) gods  as false gods, etc. Please watch to understand the beliefs of evangelical missionaries and their church volunteers on college campuses.

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