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The Man Who Knew Infinity - a biographical drama film based on

the book of the same name depicts the real-life Srinivasa Ramanujan,

a mathematician who  grew up poor in Madras, India, but admitted to

 Cambridge University, where he becomes a pioneer in mathematical

theories with the guidance of prof G. H. Hardy

Filmed at Trinity College, Cambridge. Distinguished mathematicians 

Manjul Bhargava and Ken Ono are Associate Producers of the film. 

Ono, the mathematics consultant, is a Guggenheim Fellow,

and Bhargava is a winner of the Fields Medal.  



Gems of Ramanujan and their lasting impact on Mathematics     The Man Who Knew Infinity - Srinivasa Ramanujan                                                              Public lecture given by Professor Manjul Bhargava, Princeton University
 and Professor Ken Ono, Emory University 

at The Royal Society, London, 6-9 Carlton House Terrace, London, SW1Y 5AG                                                











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