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  How Yoga and Vedanta Concepts

influenced Western Thought

Discover the astonishing impact that ancient teachings of enlightened yoga masters from the east had on the earliest Greek philosophers - like Plato and Pythagoras - whose work laid the foundation of Western thought. Linda Johnsen, a leading author on Eastern spirituality, reveals how ideas about karma, the afterlife, reincarnation, and God were taught in the ancient Western world and how yogic traditions influenced early Greek sages.

(from Yoga+ Joyful Living, Jan-Feb 07 issue, p 97)


                                      How Indian Spirituality Changed the West

                                      Paperback – May 14, 2013

                              by Philip Goldberg  (Author)              

  • The Rabbi and I
       One GOD, with unlimited names and qualities, Equality Based on the Souls            




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