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Environment & Spirituality

Spiritual Aspect of Environment - Fowai Forum Webinar by Dr. Ved Chaudhary, President ESHA, Feb 28, 2016

Accelerated advances in industrial production during the last half century in the developed world has created a major environmental catastrophe that, if continued unabated, threatens the very survival of the human race. If people in the developing world (India, China...) copy the culture of extravagant consumption of the West, what hope do we have of escaping this nightmarish future for our children? Many of us tend to think that these problems were created by the large industrial corporations​ and its their responsibility to clean up their act. We don't realize that, as consumers, we are all part of the problem and only when we become a part of the solution, can our planet be secured for our children and future generations. Thousands of years ago, sages of the Upanishads had developed a profound spiritual wisdom to guide humanity to live in harmony with the nature. We have forgotten that. They had advised us to treat mother Earth and its environs: air and water with reverence. Their sage advice is the salvation for our future. We'll touch upon a few gems of advice from Upanishads on how to live life in harmony with nature to protect the environment and, at the same time, maintain optimal health, free from disease and stress.

Buddhist Teachings and the Environment - GreenFaith Webinar with Dr. Stephanie Kaza, University of Vermont March 19. 2012

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