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The Man Who Knew Infinity - a biographical drama film based on the book of the same name depicts the real-life Srinivasa Ramanujan, a mathematician who  grew up poor in Madras, India, but admitted to Cambridge University, where he becomes a pioneer in mathematical theories with the guidance of prof G. H. Hardy. Filmed at Trinity College, Cambridge. Distinguished mathematicians Manjul Bhargava and Ken Ono are Associate Producers of the film. Ono, the mathematics consultant, is a Guggenheim Fellow, and Bhargava is a winner of the Fields Medal.    Click here for more info and the movie Trailor

Sciences of the Ancient Hindus 

                Prof Alok Kumar, Physics Dept,                                                                            Original, Pioneering, Seminal Work.
        State University of New York, Oswego                                                                              Outstanding Scholarship.  



















           Book Review by Hinduism Today                    Book Review by Ronald A. Brown

           Magazine published in March 2015                Emeritus professor of Physics
                             Click below                               SUNY Oswego, published in Desh Videsh

Book Review by Dr. Ved Chaudhary, President, Educators Society for Heritage of India

People in India have known, albeit in vague generalities, about their ancestral heritage of great achievements in sciences, mathematics, technology - especially metallurgy, as well as Ayurveda (science of life), yoga, meditation, philosophy and spirituality. But due to the unfortunate circumstances of the last millennium, when foreign invaders - first Muslim, then British - held dominion over India, the achievements of ancient Hindus were  forgotten, denigrated and/or credited to Arabic or western civilizations. Professor Alok Kumar, a science historian, has done a great service to the scientific community in the world by publishing a comprehensive treatise on "Sciences of the Ancient Hindus".  It is based on decades of meticulous research with numerous compelling and verifiable details that makes it an authoritative book on the subject.

I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in learning the ancient history of sciences over the last three millennia and hope that the research based facts of this book will be incorporated in science books used in schools, colleges and universities in US as well as in Europe, India and the rest of the world in order to present a true history of origins and development of sciences in the world. 


        India Abroad, Letters to the Editor, Feb 6, 2015


Cover of Sciences of Ancient Hindus. Science is culture and heritage of India
newspaper clipping saying Pythagoras and his sect derived the seeds of their philosophy from the culture and heritage of India.
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