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October 10th, 2014: Launch of the Encyclopedia of Hinduism at Vigyān Bhawan









Other Authentic References on Hinduism, Budhism, Jainism, Sikhism

The nomenclature India, Indian, Hindu and Hinduism has been given by foreigners.

The native nomenclature is Bhārath for the country and Sanātan Dharma for the religion.
Dharma is a broader term than religion. It encompasses four faith traditions that originated In India: Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism. All of them have a lot in common and their followers accept inter-marriages and respect each other. 

   - Hinduism is the oldest Dhārmic tradition. It is very broad in its scope including yoga, meditation, believing in One             formless God (that is worshiped in many forms), non-violence, high moral conduct, brotherhood of mankind, and living in harmony with nature, with vast religious literature and practices.

   - Jainism is also a very old Dhārmic tradition. It focuses on Ahimsā (non-violence).

   - Buddhism was started following the teachings of Lord Buddha who was born as Siddhārth Gautam in India in 500 BCE.           Buddhism emphasizes compassion and moral conduct.

  - Sikhism was started by Guru Nānak at the end of the 15th century. Followers called Sikh (disciples) believe in One Creator,     one holy scripture (Guru Granth Sahib) high moral conduct, and brotherhood of mankind.


Article 25(b) of the Indian Constitution states that 'the reference to Hindus shall be construed as including a reference to persons professing Sikhism'. In August 2005 a Supreme Court bench headed by Chief Justice RC Lahoti ruled that Sikhs and Jains were part of broader Hindu community.


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