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Professional Development


ESHI Conducts Seminars and Training classes for teachers, educators, students, parents and practitioners.

ESHI serves as a resource for students, teachers, and professional trainers who offer educational seminars for teachers, and other educators. ESHI also serves as a resource for media, government, libraries, museums, social and cultural organizations, and the public. Additionally, ESHI reviews and approves education and training content prepared and organized by other organizations.


Seminars for teachers
ESHI holds training seminars for teachers either independently or in cooperation with groups, which may include other non-profit organizations. Seminars for teachers may be conducted in conjunction with local school boards and incorporated into teachers' professional development days.
The aim of the seminars is to provide information and experiences that will enable educators to gain a better understanding of India and its heritage. Seminars also promote appropriate methods, resources and tools for teaching Indian subject matter in world history, world geography and other classes. Seminars especially appropriate for those educators with Indian-American students in their classrooms are also available.


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